Vehicle Valeting


The Benefits

  • Approved Valeting enables customers to budget for the cost of  vehicle preparation, as we only charge per unit cleaned so you only have to pay for the vehicles that have been prepared.
  • Approved Valeting will take on your existing employed staff if suitable by the way of TUPE (Transfer of Undertakings Protection of Employment). This will be of no cost to the employer as they simply transfer their employed staff to the contracting company: all TUPE transfers are explained and dealt with by our personnel department.
  • Approved Valeting supply all staff which removes the cost and problems associated with being an employer. ie PAYE, holiday pay, national insurance, sick pay, uniform, PPE and overtime.
  • Approved Valeting have mobile support teams, which are strategically placed across the UK. They are never far away from our customer’s base. The depth of support behind the service gives you peace of mind and confidence.
  • Approved Valeting provide a specialist service which will be efficient and a higher overall standard, giving your sales staff a favorable first impression, therefore making it easier for them to maximize sales.


  • Approved Valeting can provide a complete computerized management system to control the workflow and we also use Apple iPads which are installed with the progress systems to control able sales staff and service advisers to see exactly where the car is in the valeting/service process.
  • Our unique software can be installed on site then all work is requested by sales executives/sales manager or prep managers on their computer and shown on the screen in the prep/valet bay area. The work is then carried out for the required date and time.
  • All work carried out is traceable to create productivity information, invoices etc.
  • The process eliminates the use of dockets and signing off paperwork and uses less paper being more environmentally friendly.

Working For

  • Benham BMW Wolverhampton
  • Synter BMW Nottingham
  • Synter Mini Nottingham
  • Synter BMW Solihull
  • Synter Mini Solihull
  • Synter BMW Sutton Coldfield
  • Synter Mini Sutton Coldfield
  • Graypaul Ferrari Nottingham
  • Graypaul Masarati Nottingham
  • Graypaul Ferrari Edinburgh
  • Graypaul Masarati Edinburgh
  • Graypaul Ferrari Birmingham
  • Graypaul Masarati Birmingham
  • Porsche Centre Nottingham
  • Porsche Centre Solihull


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